Posted by: lornasass | December 27, 2008


Starting on Wednesday, January 7, 2009, The Washington Post’s food section will run a six-part series featuring exciting recipes from my new book, WHOLE GRAINS FOR BUSY PEOPLE.


Here’s an excerpt from the Publishers Weekly review of WHOLE GRAINS FOR BUSY PEOPLE:

For those intimidated by cooking with whole grains, veteran cookbook author Sass breaks down the “what” and “how” of whole grains in this accessible title brimming with healthy and appealing dishes. A primer on grains, including where to buy and brand recommendations, prefaces a collection of 125 recipes, each designed to take the home cook under 30 minutes to prepare. Whole grain takes on American classics including quinoa-creamed spinach and skillet macaroni and cheese, are mixed in among versions of well-known international dishes such as barley cioppino, faro risotto and tortilla lasagne. Unique recipes such as popcorn-crusted turkey cutlets with cherry tomato salsa and ham-and-egg couscous round out the list. Speed tips offer additional time-saving advice to the already quick-to-prepare meals. Full-color photos highlight collection standouts.



  1. GOOD JOB! Hooray for whole grains, pressure cooking, and wonderful travel narratives. We’re looking forward to the publication of your new book, and to recipes from your Sicilian idyll. Welcome to the Blogosphere, and don’t forget to check your stats!

    Bloggingly yours,

  2. Lorna, you’re amazing! What more can I say? I can’t wait to get my hands on your new book. I also can’t wait to see your photos from your next trip. Enjoy it and I wish you a wonderful 2009.

  3. Lorna,
    What a delicious blog this is, and hats off/standing ovation on your books past and present, those having birthdays and those newly minted. You are an inspiration in all ways. Between (or rather among) the Maui views, the food pix and recipes, and the prayers and blessings, I am now really set for a delicious new year. I’m getting that new book tomorrow. Hope to perhaps see you at Denver IACP in spring.

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