Posted by: lornasass | December 28, 2008


imagesThe sweetie and I always head towards Chinatown with great expectations and, more often than not, we’re disappointed.  None of the restos listed in Zagat sang to us, so we decided to use our sniffers.  After wandering for about 15 minutes checking menus, we chose a clean, well-lighted place on a lively corner of Mott St.  Since the sweetie always worries that I won’t have enough to eat, we ordered too much and left with a mixture of blah moo shu pork and Shanghai noodles. On the way to the subway, we picked up a bunch of scallions, a big “finger” of ginger, and 2 pounds of Chinese broccoli.images-41

The next night when hunger struck, I knew I had the makings of a very good Chinese dinner.  I chopped the broccoli and steamed it in a little water and transferred it to a strainer.  Then I cut about 1/4 cup of slivered ginger and minced a big clove of garlic.  I sizzled these in some toasted sesame oil mixed with safflower oil (to raise the smoke point), tossed in the Chinese chow and steamed broccoli, and drizzled on shoyu–my soy sauce of preference for last-minute seasoning.  The ginger was undercooked and still crunchy, giving the dish a really nice fresh finish.  There were no leftovers this time around…images-5


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