Posted by: lornasass | December 29, 2008


Last night while reading Ruth Reichl’s delicious memoire, GARLIC AND SAPPHIRES, I got hungry.  It was fairly late, so I didn’t want to eat anything sweet:  late-night sugar leaves me hung-over.  I went rummaging through my pantry and found some unpopped popcorn.  Yes!   Crunch was just the thing. images-42

My favorite lazy-person’s way to prepare popcorn is to coat about 1/4 cup of kernels with a little olive oil.  I pour the coated kernels into a paper bag and fold over the top, then microwave on the popcorn setting, about 2 minutes.  Then I sprinkle on my favorite herb seasoning salt:  Herbamare.

I happily went back to reading Ruth, who was in the midst of describing a rich, highly caloric meal at Le Cirque, and chomped my way through 2 cups of my hi-fiber, low-cal, whole-grain snack, feeling very virtuous.  And no hang-over this morning.




  1. A lot of popcorn gets consumed in our house. I bought a Stir Crazy popper for my daughter for Christmas. I am surprised she hasn’t burned out the motor yet!

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