Posted by: lornasass | January 5, 2009







  1. I love your photos. One of my “get creative/
    inspired books is “Hidden Art in Nature” by Oscar
    Forel, photos of tree barks, published in l972.
    I lived in Hawaii during the 70’s, and on Maui the
    Avacados were as big as footballs! Horses would
    eat them as they fell into the pastures. I would
    mash them, refrigerate until quite cool, lather on after a shower, and rinse off after a few minutes, or until tired or running around nude. Skin as smooth
    as silk.

    • Thank you for your delightful reply. I will check out the book you mentioned. I am so inspired to photograph leaves, flowers, and tree barks here. I learned today that there are around 80 varieties of avocado growing on Maui. I will look for the football-sized ones and report back if I find any. Lorna

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