Posted by: lornasass | January 8, 2009


Have you heard of Chinese black and Bhutanese red rices?   How about  tawny Wehani?

There’s a whole world of wholegrain rice out there, now readily available in natural foods stores and on line–many of them from

Unlike white rice, whole-grain varieties have their germ and bran layers intact so they possess valuable vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber.  As much as 60% of  a grain’s nutritional  value is lost when the bran and germ are stripped off .

In addition to its nutritional value, the bran layer gives dramatic color to each variety — from elegant Chinese black to chestnut-brown Wehani. Many take only about 30 minutes to cook. And, like all varieties of rice, they are gluten free. Check my article in the January issue of Delicious Living (The magazine is available for free in many healthfood stores.)  You’ll find my recipes for Black Japonica Rice with Thai Chicken Curry, Wehani Rice Seafood Paella, Bhutanese Red Rice Paella, Puffed Brown Rice Tabbouleh with Red Cabbage, and Coconut Brown Rice Pudding.  Happy Cooking!


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