Posted by: lornasass | March 4, 2009


I am increasingly amazed at how much more I see with a camera in hand. Case in point:  I have lived in the same building on Manhattan’s upper west side for almost 40 years and never noticed the plaster people just a few doors east of me.

I wouldn’t like to think how many thousands of times I passed them by with nary a glance. They deserve better treatment and so do the craftsmen who brought humor and mock seriousness to my block.

Who are these people anyway?







  1. The guy in the top picture is probably Bacchus, the Roman god of food and drink and good times. The crowned bearded dude in the bottom photo looks like he’s surrounded by waves, which would make him Neptune. And the “middle men” look like respectable Dutch businessmen to me. Merchants maybe, dealing in foods and drinks, and trading overseas, and this house was their place of business?

    Just guessing.

    The blog might know more; he seems pretty good at figuring out these things.

    In any case, great pictures!

  2. I love your guesses! The first two make perfect sense. I’m not so sure about the middle ones…And thanks so much for telling me about that fascinating blog. It’s right up my alley–or should I say street?

  3. Lorna, it is such a treat to see what you see. We’re very lucky you never leave home without a camera.

    • And it’s a real treat that you think so and say so. Great to hear from you!

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