Posted by: lornasass | March 15, 2009


I love the subway.  To me, it is the most democratizing aspect of living in New York City, a place where Wall Street bankers are squeezed up next to people who have just been evicted because they lost their jobs and couldn’t pay the rent.

When I first moved to the city in the late sixties, the subways were a mess. But nowadays there is much of beauty and interest to rest one’s eyes upon.  Fortunately someone had the wisdom to restore many of the original mosaics. Where new art has been added, it is often quite successful and related thematically to the particular location.  Sometimes, it’s a disaster, but clearly much effort has been made. No matter what, each station is unique.

Here are some photographs of the Prospect Park stop in Brooklyn, an access point to Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.  The station is above ground, so pigeons and sparrows fly in and then out when they hear a train approaching.









  1. very nice blog, I am glad I found it

    • TX so much. I’m glad you found it too!

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