Posted by: lornasass | March 18, 2009


logoA jazzy new website called Cookstr features recipes from the country’s most acclaimed chefs and cookbook authors.  I’m represented with 6 recipes from PRESSURE PERFECT, which is frequently on Amazon’s best-selling cookbook list.  More and more people are realizing that the “pc” is the answer when you want to cook healthy food fast.

To access the recipes, just go to the site and enter my name in the search engine.  Then the following recipes will come up for you to try:  Pasta with Meat Sauce (yes, you cook the pasta and sauce together in 5 minutes under high pressure), Spanish Rice with Chicken and Sausage, Three-Bean Turkey Chili, Chicken Cacciatore, Moroccan Lamb and Lentil Stew with Minted Yogurt, and Quarter-Hour Chili.

pressure_perfect3You can find many more pressure cooker recipes on my blog:, and you can order autographed copies of my “pc” books via my web site  (A pressure cooker and one of my books make a great wedding present.)

Happy Cooking!



  1. How nice to find your site, and to learn about your cookbook! I dabble in pressure cooking and canning, and lately have been obsessed with using it as a medium for cooking cabbage of all sorts.

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