Posted by: lornasass | March 29, 2009


Living near a local stop on Central Park West has its ups and downs.  The great news is that as I walk east on 83rd Street for a half block to CPW, I see a huge boulder in the park.  I love seeing this boulder and the park before I descend into the subway at 81st Street.  (I also used to run into Adolph Green and Tony Randall frequently when they were still alive and living in the Beresford.)

The bad news is that when you live near a local stop on this line–it would date me were I to call it the INDEPENDENT line rather than the C or B train–you spend a lot of time waiting.  The 7th Avenue line–what I still call the IRT occasionally–runs along Broadway and those folks have it easy because their trains run much more frequently.

img_3760In any case, since my stop is the proud point of arrival for visitors to the Museum of Natural History, the renovation of the station that took place about a decade ago rightly picked up the Museum’s themes.  Because I’m frequently hanging out waiting for the downtown train, I can tell you that the fake fossils pressed into the white bathroom-like tiles are an unmitigated disaster–so bad looking that I refuse to post a photograph here.

The good news is that the mosaic animals I see when I get off the uptown train are positively enchanting and make me even happier to be home.






All photographs copyright, Lorna Sass, 2009



  1. It is lovely to see all Your beautiful photo’s
    and read Your interesting comments,
    It widens my horizon!
    Thank You
    Suzanna Melbourne Australia

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