Posted by: lornasass | April 22, 2009


Being in Sicily feels like being in Paradise for many reasons.  If you love succulent plants as I do, you will experience the joy of seeing them at every turn.  Italians call them pianti grassi–fat plants–because their leaves are swelled with stored water.

Most of the succulent plants in Sicily grow wild and many euphorbias grow fifteen or twenty feet tall.  Opuntias clump into enchanted forests.   Sicilians often pot succulents to decorate their courtyards and balconies and they grow like crazy.

Indoor gardeners like myself, who have a passion for succulent plants, poke around Sicily feeling very envious, witnessing how profusely they fruit and bloom in the spring.









  1. Just wanted to say how much I like you photos of crassulas! I’m trying to identify a three foot specimen left to me by a friend and came across your blog. T

  2. Lovely photos. I am looking to identify a Sicilian plant that is flat leaved with a bit of red at the very tip of each leaf, as well as being very sharp to the touch. Any ideas?

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