Posted by: lornasass | April 24, 2009


My good friend and neighbor Evie Joselow, art historian and consultant extraordinaire, invited me to join her at the SOFA design show at the Park Avenue Armory last weekend.  While much of the hand-crafted furniture, jewelry, and ceramics were gorgeous to behold, what made my eyes really pop were the extraordinary textiles of Vancouver-based artist Lesley Richmond (  I felt a kindred spirit not only with her work, but with the  description of her process:

“I am inspired by the architectural elegance of groupings of trees, tranquil and timeless.  I take photographs of trees, concentrating on their branch structure and transfer these images on to a silk screen.  The image is then printed with a heat reactive base on a silk/cotton mix fabric.  The cellulose fibers are eliminated by a mild acid, leaving just the image and the silk thread background.  The structures are then stiffened and painted with pigments and metal patinas.”

What a lot of work!  But how extraordinary the results.  Imagine being able to look up at the wall in your living room, see these trees through Lesley’s eyes, and be inspired anew.

Here are some examples, reproduced with the artists’ permission.  Should you wish to have one of Lesley’s forests, she is represented by the Jane Sauer Gallery in Santa Fe (




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