Posted by: lornasass | June 1, 2009


Photo courtesy Hudson Valley Seed Library

Photo courtesy Hudson Valley Seed Library

Our world is changing so fast that I often have trouble taking it all in and knowing which way to turn. While saving seeds from one year to the next is about as old as agriculture, we can now become a member of a library to check out seeds rather than books.

One such library is the Hudson Valley Seed Library,, which focuses–as the name suggests–on gathering and saving seeds for plants that are native to the Hudson Valley or thrive in that region without putting the gardener or the earth through contortions.

It’s a locavore’s dream come true. For a mere $20, members receive 10 Garden Packs of their choice, discounts on additional Garden Packs, a monthly e-mail helping them time their garden tasks for the region, and discounts on Hudson Valley Seed Library events. Members who save seeds from the plants they grow may return them for credits toward their next year’s membership.

For those who live in the NYC area, there is a lecture/workshop this Sunday, June 7 from  4pm – 6pm at 208 West 13th Street.  It’s called Seed Saving: True Food Security with Ken Greene, co-founder of the Hudson Valley Seed Library.  There will be slides and hands-on activities focusing on New York heirloom plants and the importance of preserving their genetic diversity.

Seeds are tiny miracles, each one containing all of the genetic information and nourishment that a plant needs to grow into something edible or beautiful to behold. I’ve always loved libraries, and becoming a member of a seed library seems like a fine idea to me.

And sowing seeds, then watching them grow, strikes me as a good way to slow down in this fast-changing world.


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