Posted by: lornasass | June 4, 2009


DSC01402According to Taylor’s Pocket Guide to Old-Fashioned Roses, these posies have a long history going back at least to the ancient Greeks.  Indeed, Sappho referred to them as the “queen of flowers.”

I thought I didn’t like roses, that is until I realized that the ones I’d always known were hybridized to be huge, abundant, pest-resistant, and long-lasting.  Along the way, these roses had lost their fragrance so I never found much to recommend them.

While becoming a docent at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, I became aware of the Cranford Rose Garden’s collection of old and climber roses.   June is “rose month” at the Garden, and there is indeed a riot of roses in bloom.  Yesterday I took my camera around the border beds where the older varieties are planted, many of them delicate flowers with a circular pattern of unfurled single petals.

I still feel heady from their lovely fragrance. Wish there were some way I could send it along with these photos.








  1. What beautiful pictures, you have a wonderful eye for photos

    • Thanks Lou! The Garden provides ongoing inspiration.

  2. your roses are taking my breath away. Very enchanting, i wish i could personally see them and feel the aroma of those flowers. Gosh so many colors, if i were you i would never leave the garden lol. Anyways thanks for posting those pictures.

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