Posted by: lornasass | July 21, 2009


DSC02439According to various garden web sites, Queen Anne’s Lace is a wildflower found throughout the world and, most surprisingly, is also known as “the wild carrot.” Though very beautiful to behold, it is an invasive plant and therefore considered a weed by most who know it.

Queen Anne’s Lace is recognizable by its lacy, flat-topped clusters of tiny white flowers.  The leaves are long and fern-like. The “wild carrot” reaches a height of three feet and, like its descendant the garden carrot, has a long, thick root that is edible.

The above edibility report falls for me into the category of “Who Knew?”  Queen Anne’s Lace is so beautiful and now I discover that I can harvest and eat the roots–that is, if I can bear to destroy such loveliness.  Unlikely I’ll try; various who’ve tasted the root say it’s quite tough fibrous–no surprise for a plant that grows wild.

Here are some more photos that I’ve taken of Queen Anne’s Lace on walks along country roads in E. Chatham, New York during the past few weeks.





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