Posted by: lornasass | July 29, 2009


For a city girl like me, it’s always a thrill to come upon an animal, especially when it’s unexpected. When we enter the dirt road leading to our summer rental house in E. Chatham, NY, I always hope that the bunnies will make an appearance.  They always stop in their tracks, hoping we won’t see them.


I was visiting a local garden and spotted this frog sunning himself on a lily pad in the pond.


Driving home one day, we came upon four llamas grazing behind the fence of a farm.  They were curious and came right up to the fence to sniff us out.  These llamas live within about five miles of our house.  The last time I saw llamas was in 1964 when I was volunteering in an Andean village called Ayacucho.  There they were beasts of burden and had a tougher life.DSC02416

Another day, we came upon these wild turkeys.


I visited a Shaker herb garden near the Albany airport and followed a sign to the colony’s cemetery.  I never found the cemetery, but I did spot this big fellow on my way back to the parking lot.



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