Posted by: lornasass | July 31, 2009


Two days ago in Columbia County, there was thunder so loud and lightning so dramatic that there was nothing to do but run around closing all the windows and then sit down and watch the show.  For me, a NYC girl, it was frightening to experience such extreme weather. No wonder the ancients thought of thunder as the wrath of the gods.

I was safe and comfortable in the house, but I got a very small taste of how terrifying it must have been to experience Katrina and other floods and hurricanes we read about.  We eventually turned on the radio and heard flash flood warnings.  No surprise:  Within the first hour of the deluge, The Sweetie’s car looked like it was going to float down stream:


The tiny rivulet turned into a waterfall:


The gentle creek transformed into a raging river with rapids:


By the afternoon, Columbia and surrounding counties were declared national disaster areas and eligible for FEMA.  A road worker told me the following day that the county had just settled up with FEMA regarding the terrible ice storm last winter that toppled huge trees and destroyed power lines.  He also told me that he’s lived here all his life and that climate change is really happening.


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