Posted by: lornasass | August 21, 2009


As my blog readers already know, I am away from the city for the summer so I haven’t witnessed Central Park since the wind took the lives of over a hundred trees, some of them likely to be as old as the Park itself.

To pay homage to the fallen trees, I thought I would take this moment to show some of my pictures of CP trees being their beautiful selves in various seasons.  The last photo is a reminder that even dead trees have their own particular kind of beauty.







  1. Very beautiful.

  2. The devastation of trees in Central Park is unfathomable, but real. It is sad to see the aftermath of the fury of mother nature, and it will take months, if not years and decades to repair, grow and flourish. Thanks for the memories!

    • I am dreading the sight of it. I know I will have a look as soon as I get home and I’m trying to steal myself for it.

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