Posted by: lornasass | September 14, 2009


At the Slow Food Eat-In on Labor Day in a beautiful community garden on East 12th Street in NYC, I demonstrated how to pressure-cook freshly picked kale–plucked right out of the garden–in 3 minutes.

DSC03097Here I am being introduced by food activist/Huffington Post blogger Kerry Trueman who, with her husband Matt Rosenberg, organized the event.  We raffled off the pressure cooker and raised over $200 for the garden!

The Sweetie captured the drama on U-Tube in three segments.  In the first, I speak about the pressure cooker and how to cut up the kale.

By the way, I never toss the kale stems and ribs; they are delicious and tenderize quickly under pressure.  Take a look:

Then I show how the cooker comes up to pressure and talk more about the wonders of pressure cooking and all the different kinds of foods you can make in it in 1/3 or less the standard cooking time:

In the last segment, I show how to use the quick pressure release as adorable kids stand in front of me, watching the whole thing wide-eyed:

For lots of other good pressure cooker recipes, see my blog:



  1. Just great! You’re born for TV. And the film maker has great potential as well. Congratulations.

    Go visit the Highline for another amphitheater/staircase perspective and experience as well.

    • TX Evie: Great minds think alike. I went to the Highline yesterday and was blown away; will blog about it today!

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