Posted by: lornasass | September 15, 2009


It was time to ascend those stairs and walk the High Line again, and I am even more excited about this splendid public park than I was on June 20th, when I first blogged about it.

The High Line is the most successful example of renovating an urban space I’ve experienced in my lifetime.  It is of the people and for the people, of the city and for the city, in the city and above the city.  In short, I love it!


Geometric shapes are a predominant theme:


And there are rich vistas from every angle:


Within moments of my second visit, I could see that the High Line has already become the heartbeat of downtown as much as Central Park is the heartbeat of the city.  People strut and stroll along it as if they own the place, recline on the lounge chairs as if on their own personal beach, and hurry past the magnificent plantings as if they’ve already walked this way many times before. Because it’s raised above the city, the High Line has become a stage upon which New Yorkers and tourists alike become the actors in their own lives.


Because it’s raised above the city, travelers who walk along this old railroad track also become the observers both of each other and of the scenes below.  One of the most brilliant aspects of this elevated park is the amphitheater which invited strollers to sit down and watch the theater of New York City streets as it unfolds.


Like lyrical Beau Bridge in Central Park, the High Line is well on the way to becoming one of the city’s most iconic locations for models to pose.  The minute I got to the top of the stairs, this is what I saw:


Although narrow, the High Line has long vistas foreward and aft, east and west, so it feels like a vast space.


And the plantings–oh the unusual plantings selected by brilliant landscape designer Piet Oudolf–they are fabulous!  And as if that weren’t enough, they will change with the seasons, so a walk along the High Line will always be fresh and new.



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