Posted by: lornasass | October 12, 2009



It must be twenty years since I last visited the Cloisters.

I have no idea why I’ve let so much time pass between visits to this extraordinary place.

In the early seventies, when I was writing my medieval cookbook, To the King’s Taste, I used to go up there often to study the spits and cooking pots and eventually to teach children medieval cookery at an afternoon program there.

Even on a somewhat crowded Sunday afternoon, the three cloistered gardens retain an aura of tranquility:


There’s a quince tree growing in one of the cloisters:


The stained glass is remarkable, especially when the late afteroon sun is shining through it:


There are people and animals with funny faces staring at you from every nook and cranny:


The views of the Hudson are magestic:


The Cloisters is only about five miles from where I live, but to go there is to climb into another world:


Get thee to the Cloisters now!




  1. I wonder which of the pilgrims in the last photo initially had the idea of going to the Cloisters: she is holding the leash, but her friend is in the lead. Serious searchers indeed!

  2. Thank you so much for the visit and memories. I was married there in the gardens overlooking the Hudson 39 years ago this coming Saturday. It’s still just as beautiful! We’re planning a drive up to Ipswich, MA to celebrate with a visit to the Audubon Sanctuary – with a lobster roll thrown in for good measure!

    • Oh, what a glorious place to be married. And hearty congratulations on 39 years together. That’s a WOW.

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