Posted by: lornasass | October 12, 2009


Sometimes when I’m feeling blue, I’m lucky enough to remember to head to a garden.  Living as I do in New York City, this aim usually involves a walk–a good thing, since getting my body moving is a good way to start feeling better.

Since I lost my beloved 19-year-old Siamese cat last Wednesday, my frame of mind was far from cheerful on Saturday–and since it was already October 10, I went to the Conservatory Garden not expecting to see anything in bloom.  Boy, was I surprised!

Once there, I got involved in photographing the beauty and had a salutary respite from mourning my cat’s death.

I want to express gratitude for gardens and say special thanks to the brilliant landscape architects and gardeners who know about late blooming flowers and remember to include them in the garden planting scheme.









  1. Since your Hi-Line blog, I’ve visited and thoroughly enjoyed it even through the rain. Now I need to get to the Cloisters! Your pictures, as always are amazing! So sorry about poor Minnie. What a long and good life she had with you.

    • Yes, please come visit again soon so we can catch up. I miss you!

  2. So sorry about Minnie. I know you will miss her terribly, although a good sleep will be appreciated.

    • Yes on both counts dear friend.

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