Posted by: lornasass | October 19, 2009


I always thought hydrangeas were big, round, and dopey–the ultimate suburban shrub.  Indeed, they were a front-yard cliche in the Long Island suburb of my youth.  Last month the sweetie took me to a jazz festival in Chatauqua, way upstate in western New York.

Everyone in the community vies to have the most beautiful garden. From a distance, some of the bushes reminded me of how dull hydrangeas can be.  In all fairness, it was the end of the season and most blooms were not in their prime:


But some bushes forced me to drop my distain and take a closer look.

I was amply rewarded by the subtle gradations in color.

So my advice to all is this:  Next time you pass a hydrangea in bloom, zoom in on it.






  1. Hi Lorna,
    Vaguely remember those hydrangea bushes but mostly remember the lilacs.
    I always think of you and Andy Heimer on my birthday because we used to occasionally celebrate together.
    Many more Happy Birthdays and glad I happened on your site. Very exciting to see how far you’ve come from syllabub.
    Best regards,

    • How lovely to hear from you on my birthday and you made me laugh out loud with your syllabub remark. What are you up to these days? Nostalgic memories. Lorna

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