Posted by: lornasass | October 23, 2009


The mosaic eyes that line the white tiled walls of the Chambers Street Station have always seemed strange, but since the fall of the twin towers, they seem downright weird.

It’s difficult enough to get off at this stop and experience the inevitable torrent of sadness.  Why do we have to deal with these eyes?

At first glance, the eyes appear quite alike.  But these close-up photographs reveal that each is casting a unique glance, some kindly, some questioning, others petulant.  What are they doing here?  What do they see?







  1. And on Flickr you are known as GlossyEye?

    The eye of intrigue....

    Nice work.

    • Wow, thanks for letting me know that GlossyEye plagiarized my photo and prose without crediting me or my blog. I am most definitely not GlossyEye, not do I even have a Flickr account. How did you happen to discover this? The internet is such a free-for-all, but I always like to think that people have more integrity than this person.

  2. This person posted his(?) photo as an example of a macro image of an eye. I doubted that a mosaic eye could be a macro and did a google search and found myself here and I noticed the prose was so very similar I had to double check to find it word for word. You hear about this stuff but still I was surprised. I suppose you could take as a compliment but I hope you squish his head like a bugs, well figuratively.

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