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On Monday, November 9 at 3 pm, I’ll be on the Martha Stewart Radio Show called “Living Today,” with host Mario Bosquez.  We’ll be talking about–guess what?–COOKING UNDER PRESSURE.

I’m hoping that Mario will give me a few of his favorite Mexican recipes to try in the “pc.”

For lots of good pressure cooker recipes, see my blog:



  1. very cool

    • It was fun. Mario was very prepared and made it easy.

  2. I heard you on Martha Stewart today and promply went to the book store and got your new Cooking Under Pressure edition, only one on the shelf, you made it sound easy. Then went and bought a $20 pressure cooker with 4 safety devices and made the split pea with Sweet potato and mint. Absolutly delicious. I have an old mirro circa 1952 with instructions, gifted to me. Can I use the same recipes? and the pressure cooker that obviously was packed away never to be used. Thanks for giving me a new insight to pressure cooking.

    • Great! Now you can spread the word. Yes, you can use the same recipes in your old Mirro, but likely you’ll need to call customer service and order a new gasket. Do the water test described in the intro of CUP and if it doesn’t drip, the gasket will still be good. I am curious what cooker you found for $20 and if you continue to have success with it. Happy cooking!

  3. It is made by IMUSA , UL certified, 4.4 quart (I cut the recipe in half) It did a nice job heavy bottomed nothing stuck $19.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond. They had another one for the same price made in Denmark and one for $70. I didn’t want to invest too much in case things didn’t turn out but I am delighted. I will try a meat recipe next time.

    • TX! Good to know.

  4. I have now made the beef stew, black bean soup, absolutely the best, cabbage with carroway seed, and tonight the black eyed pea soup. All fantastic the pressure cooker is preforming well, cleaning easily, nothing is sticking or burning and I am a happy camper. I can see if I had to cook larger amounts that a bigger and better cooker would be nice but this one is good for the beginner as long as they pay attention! Thanks again for your book.

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