Posted by: lornasass | November 10, 2009


DSC05099It was dumb luck that I ended up living 1/2 block from Central Park.  Back in the late sixties when I was looking for an apartment, the park was much too dangerous to roam around in, so its proximity didn’t enter into my decision to rent a studio on West 83rd Street.  What won me over was that the studio was cheap at $100 a month, and I was a graduate student on a very skimpy budget. (I have since moved to a larger apartment on the seventh floor, but that’s another story.)

For the first ten years or so, the words “THE SHARKS” were spray-painted in large black letters on my building, a reminder that my neighborhood was indeed only about 15 blocks north of the presumed scene of West Side Story.

It took about a decade for me to set foot in the Park.  In fact, I always took the bus across to Fifth Avenue–even though it was a mere 10-minute walk.

Now I’m in the Park almost every day.

Even after all these years, I take joy in having it as my backyard and feel very lucky about my dumb luck. Here are some reasons why.









  1. You’ve captured such beauty with your photos! Upstate NY is an amazing place to watch the changing of the seasons but you’ve made me jealous. I can’t wait to visit again and share some of this with you!

    • When are you coming? Soon, I hope.

  2. I never, ever thought I’d live near Central Park, and now I do, and like you, I find myself *so* blessed by it’s presence. Do you think Central Park would exist if it was being pitched these days? Sadly I doubt it.

    • No I don’t think there’s any way that much land in the heart of the city would be put aside for public use nowadays. There were some amazing visionaries back then.

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