Posted by: lornasass | November 17, 2009


About six months ago, I rescued a spathiphyllum that someone had thrown onto the street.  It was straggly but showed no signs on disease (unlike the ficus I recently rescued that turned out to be covered with mealy bug) and I repotted it, adding some soil I’d reserved from a plant that died (bad idea),  and put the newcomer in indirect light in my bedroom.  I removed the browned leaves, and it quickly became a happy plant, growing lots of new leaves and even blooming for me to show its gratitude.

Whenever I went to water it, I noticed some white fungus on the top of the soil and scraped it off.  The plant was growing happily, so I didn’t fret.  Two days ago I spotted 1 large and 3 small mushrooms growing in the soil!  I’m not planning to eat them, but what a kick to have mushrooms growing in my bedroom.


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