Posted by: lornasass | November 29, 2009


My friend Kerry Trueman, food activist and Huffington Post blogger, stands a really good chance of winning the contest to be the HuffPo’s reporter at the Climate Change conference coming up in Copenhagen.  You couldn’t ask for a more passionate and competent representative.

Please take a look at her U-Tube video, below and I hope you’ll decide to click on VOTE NOW!  Once you’ve seen the video, click on the points you give her and cast your vote. It means a lot to her to be there, so I hope you’ll give her a 10.  Thanks for considering.


I filmed my video on the banks of the Hudson River because, to me, it represents renewal and the power of grassroots activism. This river was an ecological disaster a few decades back, but the tireless efforts of a few passionate citizens have substantially restored it, and it continues to heal. Climate change is the most daunting environmental challenge of our lifetime. Can we muster the political will to curb our collective carbon footprint? The most powerful change we can make is to rethink the way our food is produced, because agriculture is unequivocally the largest producer of greenhouse gas emissions. Send me to Hopenhagen and Ill do my best to get food issues a place at the table, along with renewable energy and mass transit. Citizen activists brought the Hudson River back from the brink. We can put the brakes on greenhouse gas emissions, too.


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