Posted by: lornasass | December 7, 2009


Shortly after my “aha” moment and blog about cold-loving cyclamens, I bundled up and went across town.  I was headed to the Cooper Hewitt museum to see the design show, but as soon as I got off the bus, I got hijacked by a tree surrounded by balletic white cyclamen looking very perky.  Within seconds, I looked up and saw a festive window box containing cyclamen and ornamental kale.

Even more fun awaited right around the corner.   In front of a very tony Fifth Avenue building around 84th Street, I saw this daring combination of ornamental chilies, kale, AND hot pick cyclamen.  What a fabulous play on pinks and purples.

In another spot, there were some charming yellow-blooming kalanchoe (foreground left). Who knew that kalanchoe would continue blooming in 37 degree temperature?  I always think of succulents as desert plants loving sandy soil and hot weather, forgetting that there are high deserts where it gets pretty cold at night.

And then I came upon tall purple stalks of kale that I’d not seen before–mixed with some surprising tufts of delicate grasses. I could tell that someone had great fun doing the planting, but not nearly as much fun as I was having observing and photographing these wonderful mini-gardens.  (Two Russian ladies were also taking a few photographs.  Everyone else was walking by and not paying any attention.)

The design museum wasn’t nearly as much fun…


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