Posted by: lornasass | January 1, 2010


The Sweetie and I visited the Bailey House, the 1850s home–now museum–of a physician/missionary family on Maui.

Though the house has some interesting Hawaiian artifacts, European period furnishings, and Edward Bailey’s landscape paintings, the highlight of the visit for us was watching the chickens scratching around along the edge of the parking lot.  There are lots of chickens roaming around the island, and we are often awakened by the crowing of roosters, but this is the first time we saw the whole family, including some adorable chicks.

The Sweetie caught them in action on his Flip videocam:



  1. Love how cautious they were to begin -but relaxed after a minute or so. Isn’t it odd that the chicks are all different colors – especially the white one. Love to the Sweetie!

    • I thought exactly the same thing. Maybe the postman stopped by when the rooster was away?

  2. That was a nice video of the family 🙂 I see dad doesn’t put up with much, he nipped one of the chicks.

    Got me a flip HD today, just waiting for it to get here…how does M like his?
    Joey and Stu

    • I think you’re going to have great fun with FLIP!

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