Posted by: lornasass | January 3, 2010


There seems to be an endless variety of avocados growing on Maui.  The trees are dripping with fruits of various shapes and sizes, and the farmers markets offer at least 3 varieties, generally just plucked from the family tree in the backyard.

I have the impression that each tree bears a slightly different fruit, from watery to creamy and everywhere in between.  It’s hard to predict (at least for a mainlander) what size and shape will yield what type of flesh.

Today we’re going to chop up the large one you see here and make a simple salad of cooked brown rice, avocado, black beans, diced Japanese cucumbers (long, dense, almost seedless), and Frontera’s tomatillo salsa (purchased for an obscene price at Mana, the fabulous healthfood store in Paia and worth every penny).

We’ll set the salad on a bed of mixed greens we bought at a small farmers market in Makawao yesterday and eat it on the outdoor porch, the gentle breeze of palm trees swaying in the distance.

If this isn’t paradise, I’m not sure what is…



  1. Oh, how I wish that I were there with you, enjoying that salad. Sounds just like something that I make for myself but mostly with California avocadoes. We don’t see any Hawiian avocadoes here in CA.
    Been to Paia and Makawao. Hope to get back there again.
    Have some extra fun and good meals for me.

    • It’s really heaven here, feel so lucky. Glad you’ve been. Come back soon?

  2. When we were in Quito there were women selling huge, inexpensive avocados on every street corner, and I bought them every day for lunch. They were always creamy and delicious.
    Your salad sounds delicious, and I agree that the Frontera salsa is worth whatever you have to pay! We just bought some yesterday.

    • It did come out very yummy!

  3. How we miss avos (as Stu calls them) They don’t ripen up so good in the cool house over the winter so we will wait until spring to start buying them again. So enjoying your trip. Take care
    Joey and Stu

    • Try putting them in a brown paper bag to ripen at room temperature. It works!

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