Posted by: lornasass | January 4, 2010


The picture really tells it all.

We picked up the puny pineapple on the left from a roadside stand in a heavily touristed area within a few days of our arrival on Maui.  It came from a box labeled Maui Gold and cost $7–at least $3 dollars more than we usually spend for pineapple in NYC.  The flesh was pale and dry, and the fruit had very little flavor.   We felt taken and pretty let-down.

Then, a few days later, we happened upon a little organic stand right down the block from where we are staying in the upcountry area of Haiku.  There were two huge, gorgeous pineapples for sale, reduced from $3 to $2 as they were at the peak of ripeness and had to be eaten ASAP.  There was a little money box and we gladly slipped in our $4.

These turned out to be the real genuine item:  Maui Golds.  The flesh was bright yellow and very juicy.  The flavor was essence of pineapple with just a hint of coconut.

What a reprieve, what a pleasure, what fun to get a taste of the genuine item, tasting of the earth and sweet, gentle breezes of Maui.



  1. Nifty story! Reminds me of my first ( and only and long ago) encounter with a “real” Hawaiian pineapple. I was living in Berkeley. Friend Charles Perry came back from a vacation trip with a gift of same. The sweet fragrance preceded him up the front walk and its promise was delivered upon. Never in all these years have had another as good.
    Sounds as though he must’ve gotten it at the right place.

    • LOVELY to hear from you and touching to hear the name Charles Perry, a friend from my more active culinary history days in the 70s and 80s. Have lost touch with him; pls give him my warmest regards! You would LOVE the gardens here.

  2. I noticed one time when I bought a non organic pineapple that it was very acidic and not very good, those gold ones are sold here too and I just love them, but bet the one you had was awesome considering it came from where you are. Yum!

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