Posted by: lornasass | January 11, 2010


When we drove out onto the small, dirt road to exit from out rental cottage, we practically bumped into these cows.  While most people associate Maui with sun and surf, there is actually a lot of cattle grazing in the upcountry area around Haiku where we are staying.  The small calf stared me down, but the large ones didn’t seem very interested.

Guided by out somewhat untrustworthy GPS girl, Serena, we were headed to the Surfing Goat Dairy in Kula. We arrived too late for the grand tour, but the baby kids were near the reception area and I spotted this one sitting in a chair with his buddy licking him like crazy.  Have you ever seen a goat lounging in a chair?  It was a first for me.

After buying some local goat cheese, lime relish, and mango chutney, we decided to wander some back roads and ended up in Io Valley where there are lots of feral cats.  Most of them look quite healthy since the owner of a nearby cafe feeds them regularly and visitors often give them leftover take-out.  (I saw one wolfing down French fries, oh dear.)  Here’s one tiger peeking at me through some gorgeous ferns.

On the way home to our rental cottage, we spotted some horses grazing in a pasture right off the road.  This was the first time I saw mynah birds hanging out on a horse’s back, no doubt feasting on the flies and other insects that enjoy horseback riding too.


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