Posted by: lornasass | January 19, 2010


About two days into our time here, I began seeing a large, handsome duck wandering around the property where we’re staying.  He never came too close; neither did he rush far away when he saw me getting closer to take some photographs.

Last night we were invited for dinner by Chris, a very amiable Hawaiian who lives in another cottage on the property.  As Chris was frying some tempura (he’s a terrific cook and has been a chef at many fine restaurants on the island), there was a tap-tap-tap on his patio sliding door.  It was the duck telling Chris it was time for dinner.

We gave him some organic bluecorn chips, which he seemed to enjoy–though I’m not sure they were all that good for him.  This duck wags his tail when he’s happy, and did some wagging while munching on this new snack.

Chris told us that the duck showed up about two months ago and has been enjoying gourmet hand-outs ever since.  No surprise, his name is Lucky. He wakes Chris up every morning around 6:30 to announce that it’s time for some breakfast rice.

This morning around  8 a.m., he pecked on our door looking for a second breakfast.  He nibbled on some fallen begonia blossoms and then paddled off.

Lucky Duck.



  1. I think you should stay in Paradise. Don’t come back here to reality! You and the duck are both Lucky.

    • Yes, I was just about to write to you. So distressing about the election results…

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