Posted by: lornasass | January 22, 2010


I know how tasty whole grains are, but an unsolicited cross-species demonstration is a special delight.

Our Maui neighbor Chris told us about the handsome Muscovy duck who comes to visit several times a day, pecking on the glass door when it’s time for breakfast (and elevenses and lunch and so on), panting like a dog while impatiently waiting for Chris to feed him.  (Lucky owns Chris rather than the reverse.)

Now Lucky shows up to dine with us, and the Sweetie captured this interlude on video.  Lucky gave my brown rice a rave review by coming back for seconds.  Then he ate a few begonia blossoms for dessert.

We have a date for breakfast al fresco tomorrow!  Then we leave Maui and Lucky will be back to depending entirely upon Chris to feed him.  We’re planning to leave a big batch of cooked rice to give Chris a jump start with the extra snacks.

I’m going to miss Lucky when I’m back in Manhattan in a few days.  With a little luck, the blue jay that frequents my window box will show up and peck beneath the snow for some seeds.  I love being connected with the animal world.

P.S.  Can anyone tell me if Lucky’s tail-wagging is typical duck behavior, or does Lucky think he is a happy Dalmatian?



  1. Wonder how Lucky would like the Upper West Side???

    • Wish we could take him home. Wonder how he’d get along with the ducks in Central Park…But he’s got such a good life here, warm and sunny…

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