Posted by: lornasass | February 5, 2010


I caught the following review accompanied by a lovely photo on obsessiondujour, posted on Flickr:

This recipe hails from one of my fave cookbook authors, Lorna Sass, and is from her Whole Grains Every Day, Every Way, which is rapidly becomming one of my top ‘go to’ cookbooks. I’ve already all but destroyed my copy of Pressure Perfect from constant use, and I suspect this will suffer the same fate. Why?

Well, now that we have both a veg and a meat CSA, I rarely ‘shop to cook’ these days. I’m generally finding myself instead looking in the larder and thinking to myself ‘hmm….whatever shall I do with 1 lb of ground lamb and a handful of leeks?’ (or something equally goofy) and it seems like no matter how odd the combo of ingredients I have lying around seems at first glance, one of these two books has EXACTLY the recipe I need, and they’re always great. If you want to add more whole grains into your cooking, but still make meals you and everyone you know will eat (ohai, did I mention there’s a toddler food critic in this house?), THIS is the whole grains cookbook to have.

This is her Bulghur soup with lamb and chickpeas, and the ONLY change I made was to use two cans of chickpeas rather than one. People, I didn’t even have to doctor her seasonings. I can’t remember the last time (if ever) I’ve been able to say that.

She also offers grain substitutions for pretty much every recipe, along with plenty vegetarian ideas and options.



  1. I second that emotion! It’s so comforting to pick any of your recipes in full faith that the resulting meal will be memorable and eagerly voted into the repertoire.

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