Posted by: lornasass | February 10, 2010


I’m a scrooge about snow and the mess it makes, what it costs the city to clean up, and that sort of thing.

But it sure looks pretty when it’s coming down all fluttery and soft, as it did today.  There’s much less street traffic on the streets and what there is is muffled, so the city becomes as quiet as it is in the middle of the night or very early morning.

I got out about 1 o’clock, when the patterns were pure and clear and no one had idly pushed any snow aside or otherwise violated the patterns created by millions of snow flakes (each one slightly different from the next, I’ve read) piling upon each other to make little hillocks and long rows.

Here is some of the snow white beauty I saw.  Fresh fallen snow makes the city seem much softer, rounding hard corners and casting a protective layer everywhere it falls.



  1. How much did you get when all was said and done or is it still snowing there?

    • I think we got about 11 inches. For the moment it has stopped!

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