Posted by: lornasass | February 11, 2010


Click on this hyperlink to see haunting pictures by Deborah Allen of the coyote crossing the iced-over reservoir in Central Park last week.  Poor thing looks pretty lean and out of his element.

I was alerted about this photo and the first winged  migrants of spring–a cheery thought–by Robert DeCandido (who will always be Ranger Bob to me, although he is no longer a park ranger).  I’ve gone on many an enchanting bird walk and owl watch with Bob over the years.  On the left you’ll see Bob’s photo of a screech owl.

To receive e-mail advisories of his regular bird and owl walks, and a running update about NYC wildlife, pop him an e-mail:



  1. The owl on this post is a Northern Saw-whet, not a screech-owl

    • Thanks for setting me and readers straight!

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