Posted by: lornasass | February 21, 2010


Sometimes it’s very hard to tell a real plant from one that’s man-made. Lately I find myself feeling flower petals to see if they are the genuine item or made of silk.

Are there more and better imitations around or is it my failing eyesight?

This question popped up when I recently entered the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix and was taken in by a long-leaved plant created by Dale Chihuly.  At first I marveled at the way the sun was making the leaves glisten and then I realized the leaves were made of glass.  When the Henry Moore sculptures were scattered around the New York Botanical Garden, I wasn’t fooled for a minute, but here in the glaring bright sun of Phoenix, I was.  Good job, Dale!

Everything else I saw in this marvelous garden was real–or at least, I think it was.  Do you agree?



  1. Your photos are amazing. The bird on the cactus is as good as anything I’ve seen in any magazine!
    Miss you…

  2. Glass sculpture?

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