Posted by: lornasass | March 30, 2010


When The Sweetie and I drove into Yountville this afternoon, I spotted a gorgeous vegetable garden right on the main street: Rows and rows of neatly planted veggies, all labeled and happy.

There were lots of onions, rosemary bushes in flower, and baby lettuces just getting started.

The gardener told me that in August, when the two-acre garden is most productive, it provides about 25% of the lettuces and vegetables used in the famous French Laundry restaurant kitchen.  That’s about as locavore as you can get since the restaurant is across the street.

Until this trip to Napa, I had no idea that the beautiful flowers of fava bean plants were edible.  Aren’t they gorgeous?

Then there were the sprightly chive blossoms,

and the fluffy red chard.

A five-star feast for the eyes.

All for free!

Thanks Thomas Keller.



  1. Beautiful photographs. This garden is stunning. You are so right about everything looking happy. These plants are ecstatic -vibrant and thriving. Thank you for brightening a dreary, rainy day here in Seattle.


    • The gardener was waxing ecstatic about the worm castings in the starter mix. I got so caught up talking with him that I forgot to photograph the gorgeous micro-greens.

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  3. Yes indeed! Thank you TK for so many things!

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