Posted by: lornasass | May 24, 2010


Last year I saw this very truck farm at The New Amsterdam market and was totally taken with the idea.  The originators of the concept, two guys named Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis, are making a documentary called TRUCK FARM, about their passion for America’s urban gardening revolution and the possibility of bringing fresh, healthy, homegrown food to those without access to it.  The truck farm demonstrates how easy it is to grow good food just about any place.

It all started last spring, when Ian turned the bed of his grandad’s ’86 Dodge into a mobile farm. But what started as a home garden soon became a public art project, and hopefully will become a documentary if the guys get enough funding.

They have until June 15 to raise $15,000 in pledges through the online donations program Kickstarter.

Ian and Curt seem like great guys and I hope to meet them in person sometime soon.  They also seem indefatigable about getting the word out. For example, in honor of Earth Week, Ian and Curt set out in the Truck Farm for a 1,500-mile East Coast Tour.  In stops at more than a dozen schools, the USDA and the US Botanic Garden, they gave presentations about eating good food and growing it yourself.  Hoorah!

The tour was also the launch of the Wicked Delicate Garden Contest, a challenge judged by food activists Michael Pollan, Alice Waters, and Marion Nestle, to see which student group can grow food in the funniest place.

In case you haven’t guessed, the umbrella name for their enterprise is Wicked Delicate. More good news: Under a grant from the WK Kellogg Foundation, Wicked Delicate is overseeing the planning process to develop FoodCorps, a national AmeriCorps school garden and farm-to-school service program.  FoodCorps will recruit young adults for a yearlong term of paid public service in schools that face the worst of the obesity epidemic. Service members will build and tend campus gardens and help source healthy foods for cafeterias. How good is that?

Click here to keep up with all the exciting and good things that Ian and Curt are doing–or to find out where the truck farm will be parked in the next few months.


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