Posted by: lornasass | July 5, 2010


After some serious jeg lag and the weariness resulting from a recalcitrant GPS that sent us in circles rather than west on the “wrong” side of the road from Manchester airport, The Sweetie and I opened the front curtains to the small townhouse on the marina in Conwy we found through, and here’s what we saw:

View of the marina in N. Conway, Wales

Pretty nice, huh?  And it couldn’t be more different than my Manhattan rooftops–just the idea:  travel for a change of scenery out the window.

There doesn’t seem to be much activity on the marina–the boats just float there looking stately– but strollers walk by on a narrow brick walkway right in front of our large sliding-door window.  Some peek in, some don’t.  It takes a little getting used to.

After the challenge or frustration (depending upon one’s temperament) of figuring out how to decode the UK electrical system and mesh everything with transformers and adapters (not to mention figuring out how to get the gas stove turned on), we manage some coffee and started to wake up enough to venture to town.

We lucked out and got a tip from a family on foot:  “Go left at the wall and walk along the water.”  This we did and what a lovely walk it was.  Wildflowers and volunteer cultivars growing out of the stone walls on each side, with a silty beach on the left:

Then we turned a corner and WOW, the famous 14th-century castle built by Edward I, huge and in extraordinary condition.  Look at those crenelated turrets–manuscript illuminations from my academic days as a medievalist came cascading into my mind, but here was the genuine item:

After a stroll through the narrow streets of charming “downtown” Conwy and a nice dinner at the Castle restaurant, we headed home along the same path.  Suddenly, along the river banks, I saw a large mound of what looked like snow:

As I was zooming in on the mound, there was some movement and here’s what emerged:

Oh, hello.

An auspicious awakening and a good omen for a trip filled with beautiful images.



  1. Lorna…if I can’t be there myself then you’re the one I want telling me about it. And taking those gorgeous pictures! It all sounds lovely and can’t wait for more updates on your new discoveries! Love to you.

    • Thank you…more to come. I’m charging my camera batteries nightly! It’s gorgeous here.

  2. Jeepers!

    Whatta castle! Here on the Maine Coast we’re rich with marinas, but the castle is – for once the word fits – awesome.

    Hope you keep having a wonderful time, and also find time to keep posting reports. (Watch out for the swans, btw, ill-tempered birds even when not protecting young.)

    • I knew there was a terrific castle but didn’t know quite where it was, so we came upon it by chance…what an experience. Stay tuned for some fabulous gardens…

  3. Fabulous as always! I love seeing sites through your eyes. It’s 96 degrees here – how lovely to be where you are…keep posting. Hi to M.

    • I have so many gardens to post about…Three days here and already behind. And yes, THRILLED to have escaped the heat. I would have been in a Victorian swoon on the sofa instead of tromping around gorgeous gardens but, in truth, escaping the heat was a main motivation for planning the trip!

  4. How delightful to be able to wander along with you again! That castle is absolutely amazing and has me wanting to pack my bags and get on a plane!

    • Knowing how you feel about planes, I take that as a very large compliment!

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