Posted by: lornasass | July 12, 2010


I’m in Northumberland in the northeast of England at a hotel in the middle of a business park filled with sterile, modern buildings and automobile showrooms.

I came across this beautiful meadow  that was fortunately preserved in a small park across the busy road from my hotel.

Why does it make me so sad to see this little piece of wildflower meadow fenced in?

I was told the fence appeared a few years ago so cattle could be grazed in the meadow seasonally, but to me the fence is a symbol of much that has gone wrong in out world:  our priorities are all messed up and we are doing everything we can to fence in what wants to be wild.



  1. While I’m no fan of fences, either, we have some people using them to protect what’s wild and irreplaceable. An area cattleman is cross-fencing what had been wide-open land in order to protect a fragile species of lupine for the benefit of just a single species of butterfly – one most of us will never see. Both the lupine and the butterfly are links in an environmental chain which strengthen our overall ecosystem. I only hope the fence you documented is having a similarly far-reaching effect! (But I DO dislike fences, too!)

    • I hope so too! Good to have your interesting comments.

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