Posted by: lornasass | July 24, 2010


Since arriving in the UK, I have been astonished by the varieties of fuchsia that grow with abandon everywhere–in window boxes, hanging baskets, and as large shrubs.

Fuchsia have obviously found an perfect growing conditions in the UK and are so loved by gardeners here that there is a British Fuchsia Society.  One nursery in England has boldly announced the introduction of 9 new varieties in 2010 alone!

It turns out that there are actually over 100 species, the majority being native to South America.  Joseph Fuchs, the German botanist for whom these bell-like flowers are named, would have been equally astonished at the number of cultivars.

I’ve long thought of fuchsia as a favorite color, never realizing that the flower grows in so many paler, purplish, and bluer hues than the hot-pink fuchsia of my limited, flower-deprived past.

Just think how this stunning flower must have impressed gardeners during the early 18th century, a time when the British were sending fervent plantsmen-explorers around the world to gather exotic specimens.  The flower-adoring British must have been at least as astonished as I have been these past few weeks.


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