Posted by: lornasass | October 12, 2010


The streets in my ‘hood are starting to look more and more like classroom chalk boards.  Last week when I walked west from my apartment building and reached Columbus Avenue, I saw all kinds of white grids on the asphalt–freshly painted zig-zags that would do a high school geometry teacher proud.

Yesterday, I was amazed to find a road crew painting a wide swath of green paint along the east side of Columbus.  “It’s a bike lane,” explained the worker rolling the paint in a very thick layer.  His shoes were covered with paint, and I teased him that bikes would soon be riding right over his feet.

But how did the city manage to choose this ugliest of all greens?  Is it retro-deco?

One bemused passer-by labelled it “sea foam green.”  Maybe that’s what sea foam looks like in the Caribbean, but the Atlantic ocean has a different color entirely, and what an awful choice for NYC streets.

Why didn’t they ask my advice?    It’s clear that what we need are bright, evergreen bike lanes, not some suggestion of a tropical paradise.

Anyway, the good news is that bikers will now have a lane instead of putting their lives in danger by twisting and turning among moving vehicles as they are in the photo below.



  1. You know, I don’t think its the color itself that’s so awful, but rather how hideously it clashes with EVERYTHING AROUND IT!

  2. Duchess has a point – – – perhaps Mayor Bloomberg could give tax breaks to cyclists whose bicycles could be seen to harmonize with the frothy green (to me the color of mint-chip ice cream with dye in it). The scene might indeed look less like a nightmare of clashing shades when the orange cones and yellow CAUTION tapes (always a design favorite) have been removed. We live in hope!

    • Yes, mint chip icecream, that’s the color. And we wait with interest to see what will happen to the muni-meters along the bike lane.

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