lorna_sassbeardLORNA SASS is best known as a widely published food writer, an award-winning cookbook author, and a transformational life coach. She decided to start blogging to share not only her thoughts about food, but her passions, ideas, and explorations beyond the kitchen.  For this reason, she called the blog Lorna Sass at Large.  As you will see, she rarely leaves home without her camera, and is currently documenting her passion for plants and her unique visions of Central Park, New York City streets, and subway stations.

Lorna has often found herself ahead of her time. She began her career in food as a culinary historian before anyone thought much about food history.  While studying for her PhD in medieval literature at Columbia University, Lorna wrote four historical cookbooks that were published by the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Lorna became interested in pressure cooking  during the mid-eighties when most Americans had either never heard of this magical appliance or were afraid of it!  After her vegetarian mother carted a cooker back from India and began producing delectable curries and dals in a matter of minutes. Lorna realized that the pressure cooker could produce “fast food” that was both nutritious and delicious.  She began culinary experiments that led to the publication of COOKING UNDER PRESSURE by William Morrow in 1989.

COOKING UNDER PRESSURE sold briskly from the start and has been back to press 28 times, claiming  best-seller  status. With almost 250,000 copies in print, COOKING UNDER PRESSURE is considered the bible on the subject and Lorna is considered the person largely responsible for the pressure cooker’s comeback.  A twentieth anniversary revised edition will be available in paperback this October.

Lorna followed COOKING UNDER PRESSURE with GREAT VEGETARIAN COOKING UNDER PRESSURE, and THE PRESSURED COOK. In 2005, William Morrow published Lorna’s PRESSURE PERFECT, her definitive work on pressure cooking.  This latest volume contains over 200 recipes and divulges all of the cooking secrets Lorna has developed over almost two decades of cooking under pressure.

For many years, Lorna was a vegan.   She recognized that a vegan approach to food created a much smaller carbon footprint decades before anyone was writing about it.  During nineties she wrote numerous vegan cookbooks, including RECIPES FROM AN ECOLOGICAL KITCHEN (now called LORNA SASS’ COMPLETE VEGETARIAN KITCHEN in the paperback edition), LORNA SASS’ SHORT-CUT VEGETARIAN (recently revised and re-titled SHORT-CUT VEGAN), THE NEW SOY COOKBOOK, and THE NEW VEGAN COOKBOOK.

james-beard-award_winner_logo-1Her fourteenth cookbook, WHOLE GRAINS EVERY DAY, EVERY WAY,  was published by Clarkson Potter in November 2006 and was recently awarded the prestigious James Beard Award in the “healthy focus” category, reflecting her passion for an organic, health-promoting, sustainable way of eating. It is already in its third printing!  This was followed by WHOLE GRAINS FOR BUSY PEOPLE which focuses on quick-cooking recipes for cooks on the go.

Lorna’s food articles have been published in dozens of newspapers and magazines, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, Gourmet, Bon Appetit, Vegetarian Times, and Metropolitan Home.  She has written a monthly food column for the newsletter of http://www.localharvest.org and published numerous essays on the TVFN and Huffington Post web sites. Lorna is a member of Slow Food and the Women’s Culinary Alliance and an alumna of Les Dames des Escoffier.  She is also a member of the International Coaches Federation and the NYC Horticulture Society.

For further information, visit www.lornasass.com.



  1. My dear Lorna,
    I just came to know about you from the Newsletter. You are doing a great job.
    Congratulations on getting the Award. I believe in healthy eating so from today I will be a regular reader of your discoveries ahead. All the very best from my end. You are also a great photographer I liked each one of them. I have also the same passion. Love & Respect- S khan.

  2. Great to see you at the concert tonight and to meet Michael. Let’s stay in touch.



  3. Hey, Lorna,

    We worked together many, many, oh stop that, years ago.

    It was for Bill Primavera and a food conference, an a/v presentation for Nabisco–you scripted I gave it visuals.

    Good to see you in the blogging world. I’ve done it too. Wine and food is my focus.

    • Yes, I remember. Nice to hear hear from you. Definitely one of the pluses of the web, to be back in touch with colleagues and friends.

  4. Lorna,
    Would you be willing to travel to southern NJ to speak to my high school nutrition class?
    Barb Kreider

  5. I can’t tell you how much I love your Pressure Perfect book! I use it all the time. What I love about it is that it provides recipes AND references so I can create my own recipes and adapt my current recipes. I use it all the time!

  6. Lorna, great to see your blog with wonderful photos and to read your sucess stories. We hope you continue to do well.

    M & M in Sindelfingen, Germany

    • What a wonderful surprise to hear from you! I’ll be in touch, promise.

  7. Lorna,
    I just bought a pressure cooker and your cookbook. I was planning to do asparagus risotto for a dinner party i am cooking for 16 people. I was thinking of pureeing the asparagus stalks in broth and adding this at the end then stirring in the tops. I am trying to avoid the army green color that asparagus can develop and am hoping that leaving the puree out until the end will work. Any help would be appreciated as i am pressure cooking novice.

    • I suggest you steam the asparagus separately, make a standard pc risotto and stir them in at the end along with the parmesan. Good luck and happy cooking!

  8. Hi Lorna,
    Loved the “Bushwick garden”. What a great girl and what a wonderful resource she is providing her community!

  9. Hi Lorna: Have you ever thought of writing a book on vegan menus? There are hundreds of vegan cookbooks, but rarely can you find menus? If there are menus in the cookbooks, they are only for two weeks. It is very hard for us vegans to plan meals. Weight Watchers came out with a book with 365 daily menus. It was wonderful. What a boon it would be to us vegans. Even if you incorporated vegetarian menus with the vegan menus, it would be so beneficial. Why has’nt anyone thought of this idea of writing a book with 365 daily menus? I bet it would be a best seller. I know it would be a monumental undertaking, but vegans throughout the world would rejoice! I would appreciate an answer. Thank you.

    Judy Hickson, Oxford, MI

    • TX for your lovely idea. I will give it some thought for sure.

  10. Living back home in Bethesda, MD after almost 4 years in Hiroshima, Japan. You would have loved visiting & exploring Japan while I lived there — not to mention its cuisine. Have lunch or a taste of something with me tomorrow in the city. I’ll be there only one day, teach night school in Virginia.

    • Happy to see you any time! TX for being in touch. Love…

  11. Hi Lorna!
    I was searching for photos of water lily pollen for an art project, and stumbled upon your blog. Your thoughts are lovely and fun, and you (and your sweetie) are quite talented photographers. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you for your kind words. Your appreciation makes my heart sing.

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