Posted by: lornasass | December 20, 2009


After offering a few hours of pristine pleasure, snow in most parts of the city is not pretty to behold.  Large mounds of soot-dusted grey matter alternates with huge mushy puddles at every curb.

But I can always count on The Conservatory Garden to be a winter wonderland.  Lyden Miller designed it to be a four-season garden, and she succeeded mightily.

If you want to learn her secrets, take a look at PARKS, PLANTS, AND PEOPLE:  Beautifying the Urban Landscape–a mighty inspiring read.


  1. I really enjoyed our visit–and our chat about photography. My favorite photo of yours from this snow-day group is the lamppost. I like how you made the angle resound with a human-like nature, a snowy face-mask for the city light. I bet it will be in stark contrast to the photos you’ll take on your upcoming journey!

    • TX for your keen observations, Em. Really appreciate visiting with you and tx for visiting my blog.

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